Binh Thuan Province is located in the extreme south central coast, has a tight connection with the South East region and is located in the area of influence of the key economic Areas to the South. Ho Chi Minh City is located 198 km, 250 km from Nha Trang city. Route IA North-South Railway, running through; National Highway 27 connects the provinces of Binh Thuan Nam Central Highlands;National Highway 55 connected to the Service Center for oil and gas and tourism. Natural area 7,828 km2, a population of 1.3 million people, the labor force 734,500 persons. Includes 10 administrative units: Phan Thiet City (the capital), the town and district 8 Lagi; including the district Phu QUY island.

Through the years, Binh Thuan economic growth reached an average of 12% a year. The potential of natural resources, abundance, diversity:

1 ) Tourism: (you need to look through this part because  it will help you understand the key attractions of Binh Thuan)du-lich-binh-thuan

 Coastline is 192km, many beautiful natural landscape such as Mui, Ke Ta Bau White owls, Mountain, Hanh Tri son. Many points of cultural and historical monuments such as: the Tower, the Temple Mount Poshanư Care Ties, Let Master Owl, ancient ruins, Self Stick Sex Jelly. Have formed the travel-holiday-Sport-Mountaineering-Yachting-fishing-golf-resort-healing, recreational play area. The province currently has 112 active resort, 125 campuses stay with rooms, including 4,240 above have 57 basis are rated from 1 to 4 stars, ready to meet the needs of resort and entertainment of visitors and investors. Annually attracts over 1.5 million visitors.

Binh Thuan Province have conducted investment plan and establish the infrastructure of the tourist phrases such as: Phan Thiet-Mui, Ark, Spring Straw-Into-ham Thuan Nam, ham Thuan-Ðami, North Tan Function, however, the average …

 2 ) Seafood: (part of the Favorites you love about food and this is extremely varied seafood menu for you to choose from) 


Binh Thuan have 52,000 km2 wide fishing grounds have large seafood reserves, conducive to cultivating the kinds of seafood such as crab, shrimp, fish, mussels, seaweed, … Force boats fished there were 6,200, total capacity of 290,000 CV, mining output reached 160,000 tons annual seafood.Production of shrimp (prawn) reached 5.7-6 female post/year. Phu QUY Island (32 km2) is central to the catch and fishing support services, are being invested to become the open economic zone with the functions of extraction and processing of sea products and provide the services at sea, maritime services, oil and gas.

The province has more than 100 seafood processing facility. Binh Thuan’s seafood exports to the markets of Japan, North America, Western Europe, South Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia, …3 Phan Thiet fishing port, But the style and scale capacity ship Lagi 400 CV. seafood processing industry area South of Phan Thiet is being invested, perfect to attract projects that seafood processing industry.


3) Agriculture, forestry: (this section will tell you more about the number of cattle also abundance of the species of fruit trees in Binh Thuan)


An area of 280,000 hectares of agricultural land, the crop is the main staple food (115,000 hectares), the thing (29,000 ha), rubber (16,000 hectares), Dragon (8,000 ha), grapes (380 ha), cotton (3,000 ha)…, the Dragon is the famous product, output in 2007 reaching 130,000 tons, about 20% of products are exported (30,000 tons). About 160,000 children meat cows, hogs and the 260,000 cattle such as sheep, goats; In addition, on 50,000 hectares of agricultural land suitable for growing of industrial crops and fruit trees. An area of 248,000 hectares of natural forest can exploit eco-tourism service.



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